zondag 11 maart 2012

Third day of Violence in Gaza, death toll at 18

Smoke over Gaza after an Israeli airstrike. The picture was taken from near Ashkelon in Israel (Reuters)

An Israeli airstrike East of Gaza on Sunday morning killed Adel Al Eissi (52) and wounded three others on the third day of border violence. Earlier in the morning another airstrike killed two people, including a 12-year-old boy. Medical spokesman in Gaza Adham Abu Salmiya named the child as Ayoub Useila. His seven-year-old cousin was injured in the airstrike and taken to Kamal Udwan hospital in Jabalia. The other victim in that airstrike was Ahmad Deib Salim ( 24). He was married just two day ago. Ma'an News reports he was known to be a militant.
So far 18 people have now been killed in Gaza in three days of Israeli airstrikes. There are at least 36 wounded. In Israel so far five people were injured, only one of them seriously. 
The body of the 12-year old Ayoub Useila 

Haaretz reports that more than 110 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza since Friday,  some 30 rockets have been shot down by the Iron Dome system.
The rocket salvos from Gaza began on Friday after the Israel Air Force launched a strike in Gaza that killed the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees, Zuheir al-Qaisi, who as the Israeli military  said, was believed to be planning an attack on Israel's southern border. 

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