dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Israel to Build Military College on Mount of Olives

 Hagit Ofran of Peace Now, who monitors new building activities in the settlements, on her blog Eyes on the Ground in East Jerusalem:

The Regional Committee for Planning approved today the depositing of plan no. 51870 for the construction of the Israeli Military College at one of the most sensitive places in East Jerusalem: Mount of Olives. Following this approval, the plan will be deposited for public review and the public will be granted 60 days to file objections. After hearing the objections, the plan can be approved and validated.
The academy is to be built near the settlement Beit Orot (on top, right - click on map to expand)
The plan is located near the Beit Orot Settlement and the Palestinian neighborhood of A-Suwane, at the hilltop of Mt. of Olives. The plans call for an 8 story structure, 5 stories of which will be built into the ridge, with 41,480 sq. m. of built up space.
I believe that one can’t think of Mount of Olives as real estate. It is important for the three monotheistic religions: the 3,000 years old Jewish cemetery, is on Mt. of Olives, where the resurrection of the dead should begin when the Messiah comes; A thin bridge will connect the Haram A-Sharif and the Mt. of Olives at the end of the days, according to the Islam; and for the Christians, the Mt. of Olives is a site that connected with the life and the death of Christ, where he spent his last days before the crucifixion, and where he ascended.
On top of all this holiness, Mt. of Olives is under dispute between us and the Palestinians, and we will have to solve this dispute only through an agreement. Bringing the Military Academy to this spot is quite insensitive and if I may add, not so smart, of our Government.
Beit Orot started as a yeshiva (school of Jewish lerning) financed by the American casino tycoon Irving Moskowits. In 2010 the building of three apartment blocs was started. One year later the first stone for another four buildings was laid by American presidential hopeful Micke Huckabee.

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