woensdag 18 juni 2014

Abbas: ''Those involved in kidnapping want to destroy us''

Abbas is received at Jeddah Aiport by the governor of Mecca, prince Meshaal bin Abdullah (Photo Saudi Press Agency SPA). 
AP reports: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday defended his security cooperation with Israel against widespread criticism and said his forces are helping in the search for three Israeli teens missing in the West Bank.
Security coordination with Israel serves Palestinian interests because it helps prevent a new uprising, which would "destroy us," Abbas said.  He said he did not know who abducted the teens. "We are still looking and searching to find out who carried out such an act," he said, adding that those involved "want to destroy us,'' without elaborating, but apparently referring to the PA-government
"The three teens are human beings like us and they should be returned to their families," Abbas also told the  Organization of Islamic Cooperation meeting in Jeddah.

Abbas' blunt comments — delivered at a high-profile gathering of Muslim and Arab officials in Saudi Arabia — were remarkable, considering how unpopular the security coordination with Israelis is among the Palestinians, particularly at a time of a new Israeli crackdown in the West Bank in the wake of the teens' disappearance.
Update: Hamas has sharply criticzed Abbas' remarks. "President Abbas' statements on security coordination with Israel are unjustified, harmful to Palestinian reconciliation ... and a psychological blow to the thousands of Palestinian prisoners suffering a slow death in the occupation's jails," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said. "These statements are based solely on the Israeli narrative, without presenting any true information," Abu Zuhri added.
On the social media Palestinians go one step further and call Abbas a traitor who deserves to ''be put in the same cage as the oppressors once Palstine has been freed'' to quote one of many Tweets. Abbas already had the name to be a faithfull collaborator of Israel because of the PA's ''security coordination'' with the Israelis and because of the ''Palestine papers'', the documents, leaked in 2011,  of 10 year of ''peace negotiations'' with Israel.  A special Facebook page was opened with a video of Abbas' remarks in Jeddah with vitriolic. His act in Jeddah does not seem to increase his popularity within his constituency, which is already quite low.     

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