woensdag 28 oktober 2009

New house demolitions in Jerusalem

News from ICADH (Israeli Committe Against House Demolitions) :

Today (27 October) the municipality of Jerusalem ordered the demolition of five Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem, thereby displacing 26 people, including 10 children. Three demolitions were carried out by the Jerusalem Municipality in the area of Jabal al Mukabbir, one demolition in the area of Sur Bahir, while the fifth demolition occurred in Dahiyat Issalam which is located in the neighbourhood of Shuafat. The house in Dahiyat Issalam had been re-built by ICAHD activist only last summer, in August 2008.
After numerous incidents of evictions in East Jerusalem right before Ramadan and the Jewish High Holidays, the Municipality of Jerusalem has clearly reinstated its illegal policy of house demolitions in East Jerusalem. Today’s series of demolitions coupled with four demolitions that occurred in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Bet Hanina only two weeks ago, on November 12, give indications to the Municipality's discourse.
While the world is eagerly awaiting actions that are in consistency with Obama's fruitful speeches, threats, and the responsibility attached to his recently received “remarkable” noble-peace award, the reality on the ground looks however different and is in fact degenerating.

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