donderdag 25 juni 2009

Meer dan helft parlement blijft weg bij feestje Ahmadinejad

(foto Khiyaban)

Meer dan de helft van de leden van het Iraanse parlement, de majlis, zijn woensdag weggebleven van op een feest ter gelegenheid van Ahmandinejad's 'herverkiezing''. . zo meldt de BBC vanmorgen. Van de 290 leden kwamen er slechts 105 opdagen. Onder de wegblijvers was de voorzitter van de majlis, Ali Larijani. zo meldt de BBC vandaag. (Eerder was foutief gemeld dat 105 leden waren weggebleven). Het wegblijven van de meerderheid van de parlementsleden is opnieuw een duidelijk teken dat de onvrede niet alleen op straat maar in alle geledingen en ook binnen de politieke elite wordt gevoeld.
Verder nieuws is dat 70 professoren na een bijeenkomst met Mir Hossein Mousavi zijn gearresteerd. Dit wordt gemeld door de website van Mousavi's krant, Kalameh. Mousavi zelf beklaagde zich vandaag op de site dat er hevige druk op hem wordt uitgeoefend om zijn eis dat de verkiezingen van 12 juni worden overgedaan, in te trekken.Ook melddee hij dat zijn bewegingsvrijheid is beperkt, zijn websites worden gehinderd en dat zijn krant is gesloten en de redactie opgepakt. Mousavi zei dat hij niet zal wijken 'uit vrees voor dreigementen en om redenen van persoonlijk belang'. Hij riep op tot het voortzetten van de protesten 'op een manier die niet tot spanningen leidt'.
Wat betreft het totaal aantal mensen dat is opgepakt doen getallen de ronde in de orde van 600 of meer. Exacte cijfers zijn niet nergens te verifiëren. Wat het dodental betreft circuleert het cijfer 17. De staatsmedia meldden dat ook acht Basij zijn omgekomen, waarmee het totaal op 25 zou uitkomen.
De protesten op straat waren woensdag minder hevig dan daarvoor. Voor donderdag was een dag van rouw aangekondigd, maar volgens sommige berichten was de oproep daartoe (van onder meer Mehdi Karroubi) weer ingetrokken. Uit editie nr 5 van de illegale krant Khiyaban kon intussen worden afgeleid dat de straatprotesten nog lang niet over zijn. De foto hierboven is uit dit nummer. Verder bevat de krant onder meer een handleiding voor het uitvoeren van straatprotesten waarvan hier een stukje in Engelse vertaling (overgenomen van Iran in the Gulf (hier):

“Street Combat Techniques”
What follows is a brief guide for keeping the street protests alive and safe, as well as slowing or halting the advance of the security forces.  This column is divided into two parts, the first of which you can read today, and the second part in the next issue of the ‘Street’ newspaper.
Keep in mind that in these engagements the police are much better equipped and trained than you and I.  They have the backup and immunity of the law on their side as well.   Remember that when we talk about overcoming the police, we do not mean striking the police.
Do not be tempted to stay and fight.  Go to those places where the security forces are absent, and you will be better able to reach your objective (chanting slogans, writing slogans, and other similar activities).
Always keep moving, whether in a group or alone.  Close any gaps that form between you and other individuals.  Do not stay in one place.  Continuous movement will break the concentration of security forces.
The security forces are trying to break up large groups into smaller groups.  Try to compel the security forces to break down their formations before they have the opportunity to form them.

Do not be afraid.
Any actions you carry out should be done in small groups, and you should anticipate what and where the action will be.
Maintain a defensive mindset.  Look out after one another.
Always keep yourself faced in the direction of the security forces.
Lock your arms together and form human chains.  Keep moving briskly but without any commotion or agitation.  Do not give the police an opportunity to plan and react.

Staying out of prison and the hospital is not a very difficult thing.  Most of the people involved in the street protests will be able to accomplish this.  The point is that, with some foresight, you can turn the skills for staying alive under such conditions into a guide for surviving under these conditions.

Objectives of Gatherings:
At the end of a day of rioting and clashes, it is not about someone being declared the victor of the battlefield.  What is important is that you remain safe, and you will reach some of your objectives.  On this topic, the main objectives you should keep in mind are:
1.Instead of fighting, keep yourself and your friends safe from dangerous situations.
2.Find a way to accomplish your objectives (chanting slogans, etc.) without wasting your energy on fighting
3.Help people who have been wounded or arrested.  Keep your thoughts on providing first aid and rescuing your friends from the police, not on fighting.

Stay together:
Stay together in groups.  At least every two people can look out for one another and, when necessary, react in tandem.  Our idea of a united group is several known and skilled individuals, capable of acting as a single unit, anticipating the development of any alarming situations, and making swift decisions about how to react or carry out any preplanned scenarios.  The more days your group has been together, the less time required for decision-making and the more efficient you are.  Such groups will be able to act without discussion or consultation, because over time they will develop signals and rapid warning systems and even implements for clashes and self-defense.   Carrying water, batons, paint, cardboard for making protest signs, first aid, and extra clothes is a tough job for one person, but if divided among five people, then it is a different case.   Pay heed to how you dress.  No one is expecting you to go out onto the streets with your armor and helmet, but in any case your clothes should be appropriate for the weather.  Keep in mind the following:
1.Covering your face with a mask or something else will prevent security forces from identifying you in the coming days.  For this purpose, you can take a sleeve from a long-sleeve t-shirt and wrap it around your neck like a tied scarf – to cover your face when needed.  You can cut out some holes in it for your eyes just enough to be able to see.
2.A baton or rod is not a bad thing either.  A plastic sign can also serve as a good temporary shield.  Plastic ribbons fastened to your forearms will also be useful, but your best means of defense will be a pair of comfortable running shoes.
3.Teargas is not a good thing at all.  Some say that fermentation pills will reduce its effect, but this is not something you want to borrow from someone on the street.  Some say a lot of rinsing with water will help.  Whatever you do, refrain from rubbing the inflamed areas or taking a warm shower.  If you are unsure of the best antidote, let the flow of air remove its effect.  The effect can linger for 20 minutes.
4.One of you should take up position to observe the security forces and report in advance on their movements or assaults. 
5.Throwing things often does nothing to harm the police, but it does give them a pretext to take a more severe approach.  If you have to throw something, it should be to prevent any forward movement of security forces (like throwing glass to prevent security forces from closing in), not to harm them.  In any case, if something has to be thrown, it should be undertaken by those on the front line.
6.If you are setting up barricades in the street to prevent security forces from advancing, be careful that afterwards you do not get your hands or feet caught.  Use things that will impede attacks by men on motorcycles or require the police to break their discipline as they try to pass through them, while allowing you easy passage.
7.If you encounter any disciplined security forces like anti-riot police, the best line of defense is to remain unfixed and constantly change your location and formation.  Movements that are easily detected and predictable are not an option when dealing with these forces. Never stay in one place for more than one minute.

Movements of the security forces:.....

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