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Israeli press, under gag order, is lying all day about what happened to murdered Palestinian boy

How come the Israeli press does not know who and what killed  Muhammad Abu Khdeir (16) more than 12 hours after his partly burned and badly injured corpse was found in the woods outside Jerusalem? How come he has not even been identified? His family, friends and neighbours know damn well what has happened. 
Some others also do know - read the quote from the Los Angeles Times at the end of this post. And compare it to what the Israeli press wrote Wednesday, all day long. This post is really meant particularly for  people who think the Israeli press is the most reliable source,  if not the only one, for news about Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian territories.    

This is from YNet:
...Israeli politicians from across the political spectrum condemned the murder and vowed security forces would work to find the killers. However, they were careful not to claim it was retribution for the murder of three Israeli teens that were presumed to have been kidnapped since June 12 but were discovered dead in a West Bank valley late Monday.
The burnt, dead body an Arab teenager was found early Wednesday morning in Jerusalem Forest, and police were investigating a possible connection to the reported kidnapping of a Palestinian youth in East Jerusalem earlier in the day. Another possibility being investigated is that the boy was killed as part of a domestic issue or "honor killing."

This from Haaretz: 
Not yet clear if body belongs to Palestinian reported missing by family overnight. Palestinian calims that the man (sic!) was killed by Israelis are uncorroborated as of yet. Clashes have erupted in the East Jerusalem neighborhood Shoafat in response to the murder.

And now the Los Angeles Times:
A relative of Khudair (the muredred boy, AbuP), who identified himself only as Mahmoud, told Israel Radio that the teen was sitting on a fence outside his house among other friends around 3:45 a.m. on Wednesday, waiting for early morning prayers and a pre-dawn meal at a nearby mosque before starting the daily fast of Ramadan.
He said Khudair's friends saw a car make a U-turn near the mosque, when someone called the teen over and then forced him into the car. Friends reported seeing two or three people in the car at the time. They chased the vehicle, he said, but it managed to drive away. His friends called the police immediately, Mahmoud said.
"The police know who did this,” he told Israel Radio, adding that a description of the car, pictures and a license plate number were available to police.
Additional details are currently under a court-imposed gag order barring Israeli media from reporting them. (bold italics added by me, AbuP.)

How come that the Los Angeles Times knows all this and that Haaretz around 22.00 o'clock in the evening still does not know what happened? Well, one explanation is, of course, the gag order. Somewhere during the day someone higher up must have decided that the news about the revenge killing should be for whatever reason kept quiet, although the father of the boy had identified the body and the reality of what had happend had already become cristal clear through the radio and of course the Palestinian press. But this slur about ''honor killing'', where for heavens sake did that come from? Is the Israeli press inded that stupid that they blindly follow the lead of some official who suggests that honor killings could be the reasosn for the disappearnce of a 16-yeaar old boy?
I tend  to agree with what the Israeli Palestinian Abir Kopty wrote on her blog. She contends that Palestinians in the Israeli press always ''claim'' things, whereas in the case of Jews thinsg are presented as a fact and that ''if someone is killed it must be the “honor killing”.
''It has been a long time since I last looked at Israeli media’s coverage to Israeli crimes against Palestinians, '' she writes. ''I know what to expect, and avoid being disturbed again and again. My health is precious to me! This time I did. And no change. Israeli media is nothing but a servant to the Israeli propaganda (Hasbara). The blood of a Palestinian worth nothing to them."

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Trees zei

Het lijkt me duidelijk dat ze de daders in bescherming nemen, misschien waren het soldaten of politiemensen. En tegenwoordig wordt een "gg order" bij zowat alles gebruikt waar een luchtje aanzit.

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