woensdag 28 mei 2014

Israeli raid at newspaper in Ramallah that distributes three papers from Gaza

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) condemned, in statement on Wednesday, the Israeli army raid, Wednesday at dawn, on the headquarters of ‘al-Ayyam’ newspaper building for printing, publishing and distribution in Ramallah, the Palestinian press agency WAFA reports.
 The syndicate said that the Israeli authorities informed the newspaper that it would not allow the printing and distribution of newspapers that allegedly incite against Israel, referring to the three newspapers of 'Falastin', 'Al-Resala' and 'Al-Istiqlal'. 
These three newspapers, which have their basis in Gaza, have been printed by ‘al-Ayam’ offices for weeks now, after reaching an agreement of national reconciliation; Israeli army warned the management of 'al-Ayam' that they will take repressive actions if the institution continued to print these newspapers.
The Syndicate described these threats to be restrictive to the freedom of press in Palestine, as well as an attack on the Palestinian media and Palestinian journalists. It also considered it to be an obstacle in the way of ending the internal division between Fatah and Hamas.
 The union demanded the International Federation of Journalists and the Arab Journalists Union to condemn the policy of suppressing the Palestinian press pursued by the Israeli authorities.

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