vrijdag 14 maart 2014

Protesters in Amman burn Israeli flag and demand annulment of peace treaty

Protesters fought with riot police Friday outside of the Israeli Embassy in Jordan, as some 2,000 demonstrators called on the kingdom to end its peace treaty with the country over the killing of a Jordanian judge.
The Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad reported that the demonstrations were organized by leftist, Islamist, nationalist, and youth parties, and protesters called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and the cancellation of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, which was signed in 1994.
The death of Raed Zuayter, a Jordanian magistrate of Palestinian descent, has caused street protests and calls in the Jordanian parliament to annul the 1994 peace agreement with Israel. Jordanian officials say Israel later apologized. Israel has shared the results of its preliminary investigation with Jordan, and agreed to a Jordanian request to establish a joint investigation into Zuayter's killing.
Some of the protesters tried to attack the Israeli Embassy in Amman. Police officers carrying shields and batons chased some protesters in the streets. Demonstrators also burned an Israeli flag and carried a mock coffin for Zuayter.
"We will not accept less than the annulment of the peace treaty and deportation the Israeli ambassador and to announce that Jews are enemies for our nation," Hammam Saeed, the general secretary of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, told The Associated Press. "We demand a strong reaction, not only useless talking." The parliament unanimously demanded on Wednesay that Jordan expels the ambassador and annuls the peace treaty, but has given the government some time to follow up.

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