donderdag 2 april 2009

Jerusalem - a forbidden cultural Capital

Not many media are paying attention to it. And maybe that's due to the fact that Israel has forbidden all manifestations and related activities. But it is a fact: East-Jerusalem (al Quds) happens to be this years cultural capital of the Arab world. Thus it had been decided by the ministers of Culture of the Arab League back in 2006.
Being the cultureal capital is a rotating thing, last year it was Damascus. The inaugural festivities, foreseen for February 21 were postponed due to Israels invasion of Gaza. After that they had been scheduled for March 21, but then there was this Israeli ban. Mahmoud Abbas' inaugural speech and the rest of the festivities had to be moved to Bethlehem because of it. And even publicity was prohibited. For example the local authorities in Nazareth (which is inside Israel) issued a special order to this end.
Isn't that strange for an activity under auspices of the Palestinian Authority, a body which has been recognized by Israel in various official documents?

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