zaterdag 25 april 2015

Hamas wins student elections at Birzeit University
Birzeit University.

The Islamic Wafaa' bloc (Hamas) won Wednesday's student council elections at Birzeit University near the West Bank city of Ramallah. Palestinian student elections are considered a reliable reflection of the overall Palestinian political mood, particularly that of young and educated people, and something akin to a direct referendum. This is particularly so concerning Birzeit University, Palestine's oldest institution of higher education and previously described as the university of the secular PLO.
The Wafaa' bloc won 26 of the 51 student council seats, such that it can form a student government without the need for coalition partners. The Fateh-affiliated Yasser Arafat List garnered 19 seats, the Democratic Pole (Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine) five and the left-wing alliance of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian Democratic Union and the Palestinian People's Party) one seat.

In numbers Hamas received 3,400 votes, Fateh 2,545, PFLP 695 and left-wing alliance 147.
Head of the Elections Preparatory Committee and Dean of Student Affairs, Mohammad Al-Ahmad, stated that over 77 percent of eligible students participated in the elections.

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