woensdag 15 april 2015

Israeli forces raid Nablus and arrest 31 ex-prisoners and Hamas affiliates


Ma'an New reports: Israeli forces detained 31 Palestinians across Nablus overnight including 20 Hamas affiliates and several former prisoners.
Palestinian security sources told Ma'an that more than 50 Israeli military vehicles raided Nablus around 2:00 a.m. Wednesday without informing the Palestinian Authority until already having entered the city.
An Israeli spokeswoman told Ma'an a joint operation was carried out by Israeli soldiers, the Israel Security Agency (also known as Shin Bet), and Israeli border police.
She reported 29 detained, all of which were operatives affiliated with Hamas, including officials.
Local sources added that Israeli forces raided the Balata refugee camp, al-Namsawi area, the Asira Street, the Old City and other neighborhoods across the city.
Witnesses also told Ma'an that dozens of Israeli soldiers raided the home of Abdullah al-Aker, 32, searching the house for three hours and confiscating 40 thousand shekels ($10,078), computers and mobiles.
Most of the detainees are former prisoners.
The reported lack of communication by Israeli forces to Palestinian security prior to Wednesday's raid marks a violation of internationally recognized policy regarding Palestinian autonomy in the occupied West Bank. Israeli entrance into Area A -- the approximately 20 percent of the West Bank technically under full Palestinian control as a result of the Oslo Accords -- must be taken in only coordination with the PA.
Incidents of illegal Israeli incursion occur on a routine basis, with Israeli forces carrying out an average of 75 raids a week on occupied West Bank Palestinian neighborhoods and villages according to Hebrew and English news site Haaretz.
Israeli security forces have detained over 40 Palestinians in the last week across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem for "illegal activity."
The majority of Palestinian political organizations are considered illegal by Israel, including those that make up the PLO, and affiliation with such parties is often used as grounds for imprisonment, according to Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association Addameer.
As of April 1 there were 6,000 Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli jails, including 200 children, 23 women, 450 administrative detainees, and 14 legislative council members, according to the Palestinian Prisoner's Society.

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