woensdag 19 augustus 2015

Israel demolishes three story building in Jerusalem

Israeli forces on Wednesday demolished a three-story building under construction in the Wadi al-Joz neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, locals told Ma'an. Israeli soldiers and Border Police reportedly escorted bulldozers into the neighborhood in an early morning raid.They closed the main street and proceeded to demolish the building belonging to the Tawtah and al-Tawatnji families, claiming that it did not have the necessary permits, locals said.

Members of the Tawatah family said that they began work on the three-story building nine months ago, although one of its lower apartments was 80 years old.They said it that the building consisted of six apartments, with each story measuring 180 square meters. The family said that an Israeli court demanded they pay a fine of 550,000 shekels ($142,000) to postpone the demolition.The family said that after they refused to pay the amount, the court ordered the structure's demolition.They added that the Israeli bulldozers tore down the entire building, including the 80-year-old apartment.

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